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When you join Kwil.Club, you will embark on a mystical, magical adventure with whimsical words of wisdom, wonder and wellness penned by frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed Kwil.

While some think of Kwil as an educational mascot who champions literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning, his most devoted family, friends and fans know that Kwil is so much more. For them, Kwil is “realer than real” and “something you feel.” Kwil creates and connects  in the most passionate, purposeful and poetic way. More than many literacy, creativity and social-emotional programs, Kwil creates the will to learn and practice the skills.

Kwil is  a giggly, googly-eyed poet and pen pal. He lifts literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning concepts off the page into the minds, hearts, and mailboxes of those who create and connect with him. “From age 4 to 94 and whole lot more!” says Kwil. “EVERYONE is welcome to join his Kwil.Club!” (How about YOU?)

As a global cheerleader for wisdom, wonder, and wellness, Kwil and everyone at Kwil.Club champion literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning which usually starts off as a family affair and span the decades of human life. There are no age limits on the love of literacy, creativity, and social-emotional learning! We are ALL always learning.

Kwil believes that when it comes to wisdom, wonder, and wellness, we don’t have a Kwillisecond to wait! :-) And, as his best friend “Mean Old Mr. Marquis” says, “When it comes to education, intention and engagement are everything! We must be active models and participants in anything we propose to teach.” 

Kwil works, learns, and plays with Kalen Marquis, a therapist, educator and human bean whom he has known and loved throughout Mr. Marquis’ two decades as an elementary teacher, librarian, and school counsellor. Their passionate, purpose-filled work together began in 1996 when Kwil came to life in his classroom and home (but that’s a long and Kwilicious story).  Kalen Marquis can be contacted through his private counselling practice at or through the Kwil.Club

So, have YOU signed up yet? It’s simple.

As Kwil states with conviction that comes from the bottom of his frizzy-fuzzy toes, “If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a million billion trillion zillion Kwillion times,

‘Keep your pencils moving and your keyboards tapping!”


(After all, “A drop of ink may make Kwillions think!”)

If you’d like to send a message to Kwil, do not hesitate to send an email via

SCRIBBLES & SCRIBES: Is my child too young to write to Kwil?

In a word, NO! Drawings sent by toddlers or the earliest literacy learners in which the child has drawn or “written” their own message to Kwil are very welcome. Older siblings or parents may provide a few word labels or some information on the back to help Kwil reply with understanding as well as his trademark enthusiasm but it’s not necessary. Remember: it’s ALWAYS about ENGAGEMENT and Kwil Kids are NEVER too young to “write” to Kwil or anyone who will write back to continue this all-important developmental dialogue. (Could this be YOU? You or anyone you know, love, and trust can play this pivotal role in a child’s intellectual and emotional life by modeling and engaging with joy).

In the profound and illuminating words of Dr. Bob Steele, drawing is “language in its own right and, when children practice it daily, it is almost as natural to them as speaking. It contributes to intellectual development and emotional health at a time when children are still struggling to learn the codes of literacy. . . Drawing-as-language withers on the vine without readily available materials and the ongoing interest and motivation of caring adults.”

As Michael Michalko writes, “When Einstein thought through a problem, he always found it necessary to formulate his subject in as many different ways as possible, including diagrammatically. He had a very visual mind. . . In fact, he believed that words and numbers, as they are written or spoken, did not play a significant role in his thinking process.”

Send your child’s notes, letters and drawings to: Kwil at Kwil.Club Headquarters, #102-258 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada V3L 0G6

NOTE: Please send along a postcard-sized self-addressed Canada Post-stamped envelope OR a donation to cover the cost of stationery and postage if possible. Although very much a labour of frizzy-fuzzy, green-nosed love, please note that this service is always subject to time and resources available. With kwillions of reply letters sent throughout the decades, Kwil does his very best to honour the kwilicious spirit of creativity and connection.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Creating and connecting with Kwil is exclusively for educational engagement and enjoyment. Kwil promotes the JOY of literacy, creativity and social-emotional learning. While expressive writing and having a dialogue with Kwil may have inspirational, educational, creative, or other benefits, it cannot take the place of professional advice or services provided by a teacher, counsellor, medical doctor, life coach, or educational consultant.

As Kalen Marquis reminds us: Nothing can replace the wisdom of talking and writing to loving, responsible and trusted family members who may offer ongoing guidance and support. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of wisdom and strength. You are worth it!